Assignment:  private equity software selection and implementation

Lyceum Case Study

Lyceum Capital is an independent private equity house based in London.  Lyceum wanted to replace its existing front office systems with a user-friendly private equity software platform to provide front office users with cutting-edge tools to manage relationships, deals and investors effectively and efficiently.  There was a particular focus upon support for Lyceum’s ‘market mapping’ approach to deal flow management.

The 4vco engagement covered a number of distinct topics:

  • Introduction to private equity software and options (Walkthrough).
  • Business requirements analysis and tailored selection criteria.
  • Software selection, including demonstrations, reference checks and contracts review.
  • User project management during implementation, with a phased handover to internal staff.

“...we were able to tap into 4vco’s experience and knowledge to progress quickly and confidently.  They played a key supporting role in our successful project. A pleasure to work with.”
Jeremy Hand, Lyceum, Managing Partner and Project Sponsor

Lyceum Capital


They played a key supporting role in our successful project.  A pleasure to work with.

Jeremy Hand, Lyceum